This month we are featuring a collection of drawings by Shropshire based artist Alan Baker.

This collection of works reflects Baker's overarching interest in the issues that surround the relationships between humans and animals. The idea of the 'animal as practitioner' plays a significant role in much of the artist's work, as he explores the ways that different species of animal can affect and shape the urban environment.

The images collected here include drawings from Baker's ongoing 'Trap and Snare' series, that began in 2013. Many of the drawings collected here are documentation of Baker’s sculptural assemblages, which have been constructed from various found objects intended to trap or snare an animal.

Baker gives some insight into the ideas behind his practice in his own words:

'As human beings we believe that our urban environments are ours, but actually, these spaces are a much more complex environments involving many species whether they are domestic, wild or farmed for their produce, most of them contributing to our own survival; but when does a wild animal like a rabbit or a bird for example become domesticated? My practice has not only aimed on exploring these issues, but has also examined our own human fragility, by creating sculptures that are not only works of art but are also spaces for an encounter between species.'

Visit alanbaker.tumblr.com for more information about the artist.

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