This month Voxel is pleased to feature a selection of painted works by London / Dublin based artist Alison Pilkington.

In her artistic practice, Alison seeks to explore the interaction between the 'intrinsic qualities' of paint as a material, and how they can be manipulated by the artist; utilizing subject matter that has the ability to be both familiar and disorientating.

Writing in 2013 Alison said of her work:

‘The uncanny is associated with a feeling of disorientation, mild panic or confusion when faced with something strangely familiar and has been a frequent subject of the visual arts and literature. In my recent body of work I am interested in what Freud termed “the friendly aspect” of the uncanny. Strangely familiar yet comic images have the potential to disturb or disorientate. In this work I attempt to explore this aspect of the uncanny and invite the viewer to considermy idea of ‘un-homely’ feeling and how I try to express it through my paintings.

Alison was awarded a British Institution Award for painting at the Royal Academy Summer Show in 2012 and has recently completed a PhD in Fine Art Practice at Dublin's National College Art and Design.

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