Anouk Sugàr - Toiles/ Paintings

This month VOXEL is very pleased to feature a selection of new and recent paintings by Montreal based artist Anouk Sugàr.

The selected paintings focus on the human form, specifically focusing on the 'voyeuristic gaze' of the viewer, when brought face to face with the painted nude figure. Discussing these works, Sugàr notes:

''This body of work gives me the opportunity to interrogate the predictable nude as subject, probably entailing a wide consensus of beauty and good taste, and at the same time to make a comment on the opacity of the gaze. Painting offers me the possibility of enhancing the banality of gestures and poses, exploring the somewhat grotesque nature of the nude body and portraying the potential absurdity of the human condition''

Anouk Sugàr studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design and at Goldsmith's College, University of London (UK), where she received a BFA. She further received a Master’s in Sociology (UQÀM, Canada), with a focus on sociology of culture and contemporary art.

Visit anouksugar.com for more information about the artist.

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