This month's exhibition features a selection of works by Basil Al-Rawi. Al-Rawi is based in Dublin, working primarily as a photo artist and cinematographer.

The images here are part of a body of work named 'Facade', described here by the artist:

'The Irish property bubble burst in 2008, precipitating the worst economic crisis of any nation since the Great Depression and a programme of severe fiscal austerity. As credit dried up and developers went into receivership, developments were abandoned at various stages of completion. Empty housing estates, skeletal buildings and zoned wastelands continue to mark the landscape.

Many sites on the periphery of towns and cities were left encircled by hoardings, some covered in hyperreal imagery and grandiose slogans which contradicted the reality.

These fences obstructed our view and acted like screens, projecting a fictional past over the present


They became part of the topography of the country, relics of an illusionary age.'

Visit www.basilalrawi.com for more information about the artist.

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