This month's exhibition features a selection of new and recent works by Daniel Mullen. Originally from Scotland, Mullen is based in Amsterdam, working primarily within painting; utilising tools inculding 'paint, Pencil, Paper tape and unprepared canvas'.

Mullen describes his process in his own words:

'I make images that deal with space as potential suggesting a constructed framework where the definable aspects of scale are left to the imagination of the viewer, enabling the work to expand beyond the boundaries of the definable frame.

The unprepared canvas is my starting point, but for me the canvas is never empty, I like to think of the canvas as a vast expanse of space waiting for activation. I approach my canvas with a spatial awareness for constructing the image as if it had a physical real world existence.

Contradiction plays an important role within in my work from the titles to the image itself. I am interested in the friction between the image and the painting. The activation and deactivation of planes, the painted and non-painted surface, potentially undermining the image as a whole and yet it is this tension which becomes the sustaining factor of the work.

If there is a narrative, it is the narrative of the viewer I merely offer a title and an image.'

Visit www.daniel-mullen.com for more information about the artist.

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