This month Voxel is pleased to feature a selection of works by London based artist Gemma Cossey. The paintings selected here draw upon three bodies of work by the artist, 'Kintsukoroi', 'Continuum' and 'Matriz'. In the artist's own words:

'My work explores the relationship and conversation between two processes: one that is intended and planned, and another that is allowed to evolve and develop intuitively and sometimes serendipitously. I am interested in scale and the experience of seeing work at different distances; the parts and the whole, a calm minimalism of a distant gaze and something quite different revealed or discovered when the work is experienced at close hand.'

Since being awarded an MA in European Arts & Cultures: Fine Art from De Montfort University, Granada University in Spain and Fontys Academy in the Netherlands, Gemma has exhibited in the UK and internationally. Recent exhibitions include Lines for Agnes curated by Ruth Philo and Terry Greene, London Group Open and Griffin Gallery Open 2015, Autocatalytic Future Games organised by playpaint in Woolwich, Drawn 2015 in Bristol, Creekside Open 2013 (selected by Paul Noble), Motorcade/FlashParade Open 2012 and the Sluice exhibition and auction in 2014 and 2012. In 2013 Gemma took part in Pistols & Pollinators II, a 3-month collaborative project between artists and poets, curated by Accident & Emergence and in April 2014 she undertook a residency at Can Serrat in Catalunya.

Visit www.gemmacossey.com for more information about the Artist.

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