This month RG is featuring a selection of works by German artist Jochen Klein, all taken from his 2011 photographic series 'Deadly Mountains'.

In the series Klein creates photographic deptictions of thirteen of the world's most dangerous mountains, without visiting any of them - or in fact without leaving the studio. The starting point for this project came from internet-based top 10 lists, with a subject matter of google-image based searches. The end result, a body of photographic works with their origins very much rooted within the medium of sculpture.

Klein describes of the Deadly Mountains series in his own words:

''Using image search results as a starting point, I’ve built models from everyday materials and photographed them in the studio... I seek to transform the use and meaning of these materials, allowing them a function outside their usual context. The camera as an acurate, reproductive machine, records this transformation process, producing an image in flux between illusion and disillusion - a quality so inherent in the photographic medium.''

Klein is a graduate of Hamburg's Akademie für Photographie and gained an M.A. in Photography from London's University of the Arts. Currently based in the UK, Klein is represented by Bräuning Contemporary Art Gallery

The Deadly Mountains series were first shown in Hamburg's Bräuning Contemporary Art Gallery in 2012.

Visit our www.jochenklein.co.uk for more information about the Artist.

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