Kim Collmer is an American artist based in Cologne, Germany. This current selection of work reflects her broadening interest in using digital and traditional tools as well as her continued focus on environments and dwellings.

The work presented includes video stills from “Almost There,” “Headroom, “Berlin Skin” and “the Conversation.” Each of these videos explore imagined landscapes as containers of thought and fantasy. In “Berlin Skin” the textures of the city come to life through animation. In “Almost There” we receive “transmissions” from a dislocated space somewhere underwater. “Headroom” depicts rooms which no longer exist described by the artist’s relatives. “The Conversation” is her most abstract piece about two characters trying to find “something” and is a lo-fi critique of our hi-tech society, a continual theme in her work.

Along with her video and animations, she has been delving back into the world of drawing and collage, some of which is digital. These collages allow her to explore her evolving visual language and center on imagined rooms and the formation of environments somewhere hanging between  2D and 3D space. Simplified linear environments, collage from 80’s interior design magazines, and blurry photographs result in spaces which are both immersive and flat, nostalgic and full of movement.

Full videos and works by Kim Collmer can be viewed at the artist's website here

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