This month RG is pleased to feature a selection of new and recent drawings by  Cologne based artist Lars Kreyßig.

Using simple drawing techniques like dots and lines, many of Kreyßig's works aim to create patterns and surfaces in a meticulous and extensive process that sees drawings that contain contain upwards of 500,000 individual marks.

The artist describes many of his works as 'little sculptures', observing the drawing process' ability to transform initial lines to form rounded, delicate objects.

Kreyßig discusses his most recent artistic practice in his own words:

''I love the simplicity of just working with a pen, a pencil, paper and sometimes a ruler. After having studied film and photography, my current series is based on photo works of the German artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. I take black and white photos of their fascinating “Framework Houses Series” and translate them into a drawing.

Once you draw the houses, lines, angles, patterns become an abstract two dimensional sculpture. In a way I'm dissecting the photograph into its pieces, taking the subject away from its surroundings.''

Visit lakrey.tumblr.com for more information about the artist.

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