Lisa Denyer's process derives from every day observations, and the subsequent abstraction of certain imagery through painting. Each piece begins with careful considerations around colour, which evolve into prolonged investigations over a series. She is interested in the idea of interventions, whether accidental, intentional, natural or human.

Denyer uses repurposed, often timeworn materials such as plywood panels and wood as supports. She is drawn to found objects such as these for their connotations of transience and impermanence. They are deconstructed, altered and reconfigured during the making process. Paint is introduced at various stages and applied thickly but minimally in terms of colour and mark making, effecting a sense of order. Her work explores matter, materiality and changing states.

Recent exhibitions and curatorial projects include Geode (solo) at South Square Gallery, Thornton, About Painting at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, @PaintBritain at Ipswich Art School Gallery, and Contemporary British Abstraction at SE9 Container Gallery, London.

Forthcoming shows include INBOX at Art-Athina, Athens (June 2015). Awards include second prize in the Gilchrist Fisher Award 2010, Salon Art Prize 2010, The Title Art Prize 2011 and Bankley Open 2014.

Visit the artist's website here for more information.

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