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February 2015


This month RG is featuring works by London based artist Liz Bailey.


Liz Bailey explores the cross over between nature and culture using painting, drawing, photography and film. Pollarded trees show man’s manipulation of nature, which she depicts as sculptural forms against city buildings.  As an archetypal feature in landscape painting she uses the category ‘tree’ to explore encounters between art, nature, the city and the world about her.


Bailey’s art practice is informed by her previous studies in anthropology and she is concerned with expressing the somewhat indiscernible moment where nature stops and culture stars. These states are no longer considered in terms of binary oppositions, so this cross over moment challenges her to try and depict it in visual terms.


She uses drawing as a way of thinking and has drawn an oversized Bonsai tree to question other issues. A bonsai tree is a culturally manipulated work of art that can be handed down through generations but so tenuous is its life that with a few days of neglect it could die. In drawing a dead bonsai, liberating it from its small size and its roots from a cramped container she thinks about possible questions of fragility, cultural difference, insecurity, liberation, mortality.






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