Razvan Anton is a Romanian born artist, who works between Cluj and London. This current exhibition focuses on a selection of Anton's recent works on paper. Anton's observations of this work and the process behind it:

‘The most important topics of my work are identity and space. This doesn't mean a physical space but rather a cultural one. Images of buildings, hands, faces are cropped as to avoid a clear historic context. I think of them as possible signs or visual landmarks. They belong to a space of disturbing ambiguity.  

The relationship between subject and the material aims to render a poetic state. Collections of images belonging to a realm of violence, war, oppressing architecture are put into contrast with a hypnotizing esthetic. This environment eludes the anecdotical. The works I've been making in recent years follow a narrow path between figuration and an elusive narrative.’

Visit eastwardsprospectus.com/razvan-anton for more information about the artist.

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