This month we are featuring a collection of images by UK based artist Rebecca Chesney, drawing upon new and recent works from her 'City Birds' and 'Invaders' projects.

Rebecca's practice utilises a diverse range of media including installation, drawing, photography and maps; creating work that seeks to understand human perception of land, and how this can come to define both urban and rural landscapes.

The artworks here are taken from different projects, but they all illustrate the artist's ongoing investigations of how factors like politics, ownership, and commercial value impact upon nature and the environment.

In the artist's own words:

'Exploring the blurred boundaries between science and folklore, my work is also concerned with how our understanding of species is fed by this confused mix of truth and fiction.'

Works from Rebecca's 'City Birds' project will be shown at Japan's Atelier Sangatsu this month; her work will also be shown at Preston's Harris Museum, and Beam in Wakefield later this month.

Visit www.rebeccachesney.com for more information about the Artist.

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