Based in Ryedale in Yorkshire, Sally Taylor creates works predominantly using the medium of drawing. This exhibition features a collection of Taylor's recent ink & graphite drawings and collages on found surfaces – paper and book-covers. The artist discusses the works in her own  words:

'My drawings affirm a desire to understand more about human relationships, specifically my own interaction with others. They are equally about forming a balance between formal concerns in relation to the communication of emotional resonance. While issues, thoughts and feelings - which often evoke memory, personal history, fear and isolation, are central concerns - it is their exploration through the specific language of drawing that shapes the meaning. Through mark-making, I engage with humanistic themes as intimate or public dialogues are played out on the paper in an attempt to challenge the efficacy of language in articulating aspects of human experience.

In recent work, I have focused on recording and mapping social interaction. This has developed into an investigation of the dynamics and interactions of social groups – particularly how hierarchies emerge and how roles are assumed and learnt behaviours are managed. The work aims to uncover and investigate these processes that appear to be rooted simultaneously in latent predispositions and revealed ‘unknown’ and unpredictable subjective experiences. Recurring motifs of triangles and ‘smiling mouths’ aim to explore Louise Bourgeois’s statement ‘triangles mean danger’ alongside pernicious social constructs surrounding the unsaid and non-verbal interaction.'

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