This month VOXEL is very pleased to feature a selection of works by UK based artist Sophie Cunningham, from her '2015 'Strange Landscapes' series.

From the sculptural to the photographic, Sophie Cunningham’s Artworks encompass the primitive and provisional nature of drawing. The photomontage series Strange Landscapes (2015) rooted from an interest in ambiguous rituals and ceremonial phenomena, whose origins are lost over time. Using folklore as main points of reference she re-imagines curious traditions by incorporating both found images from antique magazines and fashion advertisements. These compositions present strange aesthetic anomalies in familiar landscapes.

Sophie Cunningham is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Fine Art, and in 2015 was awarded the RSA John Kinross Scholarship.

Cunningham's work was featured in a solo exhibition titled 'The Flood', at Glasgow's Grace & Clark Fyffe Gallery in November 2015.

Visit www.sophiecunningham.co.uk for more information about the Artist.

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