This month we are featuring a selection of works by Irish artist Stephen Nolan.

This selection of works is reflective of Nolan's ongoing practice in the area of 'landscape painting'. In his work, Stephen seeks to challenge the definition of the word 'landscape', by exploring a diverse selection of locations and scenes, investigating their construction and the viewer's understanding of this.

The images collected here include works from Nolan's most recent 'Disjointed Memories' series, in which the artist seeks to explore scenes generated in 'internal memoryscape'. The idea of visual recollection and 'emotional memory' play a recurring role in much of Nolan's work, exploring how these can be be generated by the every day and the familiar in landscape.

The artist gives some insight into the ideas behind his practice in his own words:

'...everyday spaces are instinctively familiar to us and are unmistakably imprinted with the ‘residue’ of human existence. I am interested in re-framing and revealing these everyday places, and in turn drawing attention to the world we hustle and absentmindedly bustle through everyday. My paintings are an attempt to penetrate this facet of 'nature' on a human level, to better understand the relationships between the material reality of things and how they relate to us as people.'

Visit www.stephen-nolan.com to learn more about the Artist.

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