This month's featured artist is London based Slaven Gabric. Gabric is a Fine Art-Painting graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

He has exhibited in many galleries and events around Europe, having been recently shortlisted for the Schwartz Gallery Open (London) and Charlie Dutton Gallery “Photomedia Open Salon” (London).

Gabric's artistic practice is very broad and extends to Photography, Drawing, Sculpture Painting and Multimedia. Of the work's featured in this collection the artist comments:

'For me it’s more about the process of drawing. I like losing control the most. That's what I want to repeat as many times as I can.

Usually, looking for something clumsy, unnatural, not yet seen but in a way still recognizable. Mostly only a shape or just the hint of it will do.

The colour palette is totally random.

I just immensely enjoy that moment of not knowing.'

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