This month we are pleased to feature a selection of new and recent works by Cranborne based artist Ursula Leach.

Ursula works primarily in painting and printmaking, with much of her work heavily focused on the subject of landscape and abstraction. In the artists' own words:

'Living in a mostly arable landscape I necessarily engage with current farming techniques as well as the natural changes that occur. (My work) is intended to be a document as well as an expression. Colour has become increasingly important to me as an expression of mood and atmosphere. Pictorial structure and the edge of the image offer exciting scope to explore the space and scale in a landscape of huge fields.'

Works by Ursula Leach were featured last year in a solo exhibition at London's Oliver Contemporary; the artist is represented by The Art Stable, Blandford, Oliver Contemporary, London and The Project Gallery, Arundel

For more information about the artist visit: axisweb.org/p/ursulaleach/

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