This month VOXEL is pleased to feature a selection of works by UK based artist Will Hurt.

Hurt works exclusively with computers to produce digital prints, generative animations and interactive software. Recent work draws on formal elements of architecture, the language of the diagram and the history of geometric abstraction, operating in the space between architectural diagram and minimalist sculpture with the aim of engaging viewers with the built environment. Hurt employs generative programming techniques in 3d engines in which simple algorithms are combined and repeated indefinitely to give rise to complex, unexpected interactions that are never the same twice.  

Recent exhibitions and screenings include Construct The Future, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK (2016); The Wrong Digital Art Bienalle, Vitoria, Brazil (2015); Festival of Film Animation, Olomouc, Czech Republic (2015); EO AV Lounge, Rough Trade New York, USA (2015); Connect the Dots, DINA, Sheffield, UK (2015); Kulturhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015). He recently completed a residency at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley, UK making an interactive installation alongside people with learning difficulties.

Visit www.willhurt.net for more information about the artist.

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